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mixed media

The mixed media option is an edition of casts that we take from the original sculpture. John usually models his works in clay or wax. We make the molds and do all the castings completely by hand in our studio. 

Mixed media is recycled plastic bottles. A durable and highly versatile resin that produces outstanding results. We add large quantities of ground-down dusts to our resins to offer a variety of finishes. We frequently produce iron, bronze, marble, copper, and slate finishes.

Why would you choose a resin cast?

  • Mixed media is light. A life-size piece of work can be moved around with relative ease. (two person)

  • It's durable, easy to maintain, and offers a lifetime of excellence.

  • Perhaps you are keen to own a John O'Connor Sculpture but don't want to pay a fortune. It's reasonably priced.

  • Its beautiful 

  • Like the bronzes the mixed media pieces are all signed and editioned with a certificate for your records.

foundry bronze

Time immemorial is a phase meaning time extending beyond the reach of memory, indefinitely ancient, "ancient beyond memory or record.."

Since time immemorial bronze has graced our modern world. 

The Egyptians were practicing Cire perdue (lost wax technique) from the mid 3rd millennium BC. The lost wax process is a highly skilled technique which has remained essentially the same for centuries. With each of its complex processes it remains entirely hand crafted, and as such is something both unique and special in these days of modern technology where computers and machinery are so rapidly taking the place of a human hand. Each sculpture is the result of many hours, weeks and even months of painstaking methods which have been passed on through time, with very few adaptations since its early origins.

Bronze material offers beyond a life time of excellence. Rodin, Giacometti, Hurst, Barbara Hepworth, Marc Quinn and Elizabeth Frink are to name just a few of the many sculptors who have chosen bronze as a medium in which to work.

Bronze shares the glamour and lustre of gold and houses its own set of practicalities. Its versatile... soft enough to create form and detail. whilst strong enough to last, maintaining excellence and quality.

The beauty and romance associated with bronze is evident as we peruse the pages of any art history book. Bronze continues to transcend fashion, it holds a magic of its own...... we are proud to play a part in this fascinating heritage and ancient art.

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