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John O'Connor: British artist, Sculptor.

Born: 1967

Trained: Sculpture Academy, London Bridge

Work medium: Contemporary figurative

An exaggeration of the figure is a reccuring theme in John’s work. Blending the physical with the emotional he explores the fabric of his own internal worlds. He approaches his work with an honest and open heart where he can share what he believes to be, 'states of mind that are inherent in us all'. John demonstrates these universal states of mind and emotion with a visual dialogue we can all relate to, taking us on a journey to a place where familiarity and shared emotional expressions unite us. His works manage to reveal an intimate examination of our reflective self. His works are often personal, emotional and poetic.

' Our emotional state of being is reflected in the physical form'
Jane ~

" John's works often evoke a quiet and meditative atmosphere where the viewer is granted a space of self-reflection."
Nigel ~

"Johns works are beautiful, inspirational and thought provoking, every day i am left in wonder, i never tire of my sculpture."
Private collector ~

expansion (Dubai).jpeg
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