a n g e l

This stunning new art work was created in May last year.

Angel is reminding us to take flight with a full and open heart however many emotional scars you may carry.

The dramatic wing span represents the necessity to remain open to love how ever painful this journey can be. The lifted and expanded heart area projects a feeling of vulnerability, abandonment and strength. Angel represents a willingness to surrender to the ultimate truth, love.

An emotionally charged and heart warming piece of work by John O'Connor. 

Angel is available to purchase in mixed media bronze finish and traditional foundry bronze.

This piece can be seen in the outstanding grounds of the famous Pairi Daiza in Belgium.

A n g e l 

Height::2m x Width::2m

Mixed media bronze finish

Edition 1 of 5


Also available in Foundry bronze

Edition 2 of 5

A n g e l (small)

Height:68cm x Width:45cm

Foundry bronze

Edition 2 of 6